C Clear is proud to offer expert sill pan installation that is soldered into the field with precision, ensuring the entire process is completed with a blue-chip quality product and the mastery and speed of a team of seasoned experts — all done by one company, under one contract, our one-stop-shop.


copper is a gorgeous choice that is considered by many to be the gold standard. As the superstar of sheet metal, the primary advantage of copper is that it is more flexible than stainless steel, while still extremely durable and resistant to corrosion. Copper is often used in historic restoration to match existing materials and on new buildings designed to blend in with older surroundings or custom home designs.

Stainless Steel

a favorite of architects, stainless steel is attractive, modern, highly durable and is extremely resistant to corrosion, with a similar cost to copper. It is the best choice for ocean homes as saltwater spray is very hard on steel.

Galvanized Metal

A good way to meet budgets on projects, but note that galvanized metal will have to be coated with a paper, and it is not recommended for harsher climates. Galvanic coating will eventually wear away exposing the underlying steel to corrosion, so this product’s lifespan is shorter than Copper and Stainless Steel.