Glass Replacements

We are highly expert in glass and glass replacement techniques. Not all glass is created equal, so C Clear Custom will identify the particular glass make-up and glass type of the damaged product—even if we have to bring it from another part of the world—uninstall the broken glass, and beautifully reinstall the new piece.

Service Calls

Keeping in line with our One-Stop-Shop promise, clients can call C Clear Custom for a broken door handle, if a window needs to be tuned or adjusted, for hardware replacement, and more. 

We also offer a One-Stop-Shop Care & Maintenance Plan that covers service calls and annual servicing to your specialty doors and windows, which ensures that you meet manufacturers’ warranty requirements of annual maintenance on their products. Please see our Care & Maintenance Plan for more information.


The purchase of our C Clear Care & Maintenance Plan not only gives you peace of mind and protects your investment, but many manufacturer warranties of fine and high-end window and doors require yearly maintenance or the warranty will be voided. Among other benefits of our Care & Maintenance Plan, we provide a yearly meticulous, white-glove service to windows and doors to make sure lubricants are replenished, we add dry lubricant, adjust wheels, clean tracks and make sure doors and windows are properly protected maintained.