The Team

C Clear Custom has assembled a team of expert installers that are masters of their trade and the highest technicians in the industry. Each team member has been hand-selected for their meticulous style of work, knowledge and experience. Although our professional team works daily with the most advanced, high-tech, futuristic cranes and machines, surrounded by cutting-edge, modern homes, we work together like a tight-knit family, with the old-fashioned values of standing by our word, working with integrity and honesty, a passion for our craft, and delivering what we promise.

With a team of highly trained, expert tradesman, we naturally surpass  expectations.

Project Management

Our project managers are seasoned and thorough, bringing years of expertise to your project. They instruct and supervise every aspect of the installation, and guide the team from the initial to completion phase. Project managers work directly with architects, general contractors, and manufacturers to coordinate both the delivery and installation of windows and doors, ensuring mechanical and aesthetic perfection using our stellar C Clear Custom quality control standards and checks, which lead to a promised completion of obligations in delivery, cost and design.

First-Class Quality Control Standards

Quality control is very crucial in project management because it ensures that everything is within the scope of the project planning. To meet the highest of standards, each C Clear Custom project has its own Quality Control Book, and each project is assigned a master installer from start to finish, who oversees the processes and techniques employed by the project team, and also makes sure the product or service meets the strict quality requirements that are specified for the project. Hamid Haroon, owner of C Clear Custom Installation, is a C17 contractor who works directly with manufacturers. Everything C Clear offers meets Title 24 regulations and is NFRC certified to meet whole-product performance. C Clear is an L.A. based company that travels anywhere in the United States.