Craning, rigging, hoisting and offloading

Craning, rigging, hoisting and offloading are art forms that requires years of precision skill, training and knowledge. In the glazing industry, it is where ultra-heavy industrial machinery meets an ultra-fragile and delicate product. In our role as a one-stop-shop, there is no need for the client to rent machinery or hire outside machine operators. C Clear is one of the few companies that owns its equipment and, as a result, our team of expert technicians are some of the most skilled operators of the most state-of-the-art, cutting-edge craning, hoisting and offloading machinery in the industry, ensuring ambitious, difficult glass lifts result in nothing less than functional and aesthetic, exquisite perfection.


Setting up safe and secure rigging for a crane lift is of the utmost importance, and possibly more important than the operation of the crane itself. We understand the many rigging issues that affect crane and hoist safety. Our professional riggers are trained in using the various materials used for rigging and slings, and the numerous sling hitches to ensure safety and a perfectly installed product.


When Spiderman is not available, our installers activate their own “Spider Sense” and bring in our futuristic, space-age ‘”Spydercrane Mini-Crawler” to your site, where it gets to work in low access confined areas either indoors or outdoors. Its “spider-like legs” have revolutionized glass installation by offering a flexible and versatile crane that is strong enough to lift up to 6.6 tons, but can be used where a conventional crane will not have access due to its large size.


Established in Denmark in 2008, Smartlift glass handling machines are able to lift both straight and curved windows, glass panes, and other air-tight surfaces with lift capacities up to 1,763 lbs. Smartlift glass handlers perform in confined spaces and fit through standard doorways. This makes them the ideal machine to handle all of your glass projects.

Power Cups

Vacuum Cups are an innovative equipment that is designed for lifting, moving, installing large-size glass by uses using vacuum power to lift, hold, and position to perfection. Our high-level technicians are skilled in this and many more types of high-tech glass installation machinery.