The use of large floor-to-ceiling glass windows has become a desired part of modern architecture and custom luxury home plans. Current door and window trends for highend residential and commercial projects demand more from design and engineering than ever before. Commissions for large expanses of moveable glass elements, a desire for picture-framing views, access to natural light and invisible boundaries between interior and exterior spaces have created a need for expert artisan glaziers.

With 17 years of experience, C Clear Custom Installation has assembled a team of the best-trained and dedicated craftsmen in the glazing industry, helping architects bring the most innovative and state-of-the-art architectural door, window and curtain wall designs to life.

We are highly skilled in performing installation of Vitrocsa, Schuco, Reynaers, Fleetwood, Western, LaCantina and all ranges of curtain wall systems products, and much more.

When architects and builders are facing their most complex design projects, construction deadlines and budget expectations, C Clear brings clients a sense a stability and balance with our signature first-class customer service: Responsiveness, Knowledge, Quality and Service.

Our glaziers install with care, thoroughness and accuracy, using the finest tools from Europe’s premier manufacturers. And while we take great pride in installing statement pieces that exceed our clients’ expectations, our attitude toward installation is to go the extra mile and “own the opening”, which means we offer waterproofing to ensure success and speed to meet deadlines and complete projects with our signature superior workmanship.

Our high-level project managers are the best in the industry, and they match clients’ enthusiasm, commitment and expertise, including understanding CAD, shop drawings and blueprints, and doing everything possible to accommodate schedules and deadlines, providing a smooth and efficient design-build experience.

Windows express to the world the personality and character

of a homeowner or an office building, 

and just as eyes are the windows to the soul,

we believe windows are the eyes to a building’s soul.

The luxe mansions and vacation homes of the world’s top stars and business moguls feature door and window designs that are not just opulent, but are complicated architectural puzzles that can result in a one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge work of art. C Clear is proud to be part of the visionary teams that have fulfilled the architectural dreams for the homes of LeBron James, Wolfgang Puck and the owner of Peter Piper Pizza, to name a few.

Fulfilling the discriminating tastes and grand, ambitious design visions of each client is the key to reputable success in the Design-Bid-Build field, and successful projects are the result of creating a solid team of experts. C Clear Custom Installation welcomes opportunities to assist your team in bringing your architectural goals to fruition.