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In the last 20 years, C Clear Custom has grown from an L.A. based company to an industry-renowned, high-end, luxury window and door installer that is hired to join the most architecturally innovative projects throughout the country. We are proud to have been a part of some of the most ambitious, state of the art, and exquisite installations in the dream homes of many of the most influential and successful business, entertainment and sports figures in the country.

We understand when you decide to build a custom home, upgrade the dream home you already live in, or build a beautiful commercial structure, you want to hire the best in the business. C Clear Custom—the industry leader in premier, luxury, high-end custom door, window & curtain wall installation—is a unique company that melds luxury and convenience by offering turn-key service, and a one-stop shop of premium A-to-Z products and services, all under one contract, one envelope, so clients don’t have go anywhere else.

We know that your home is where your hard work and dreams tie together, and our job is to make those dreams and expectations a reality. As architectural trends for both custom homes and commercial projects push the boundaries of design, and demand more from installation professionals than ever before, the C Clear team meets these challenges by hiring the crème de la crème of the industry, and we come to your project with a combination of masters of the trade to the most bright and talented apprentices.

On one hand, the expert project managers and technicians on the C Clear Custom team are surrounded by high-profile clients, renowned design professionals, opulence, luxury, state-of-the-art products and space-age machines every day—and, on the other hand—the C Clear company is run with the simplicity a tight-knit family with the old-fashioned values of standing by our word, instilling trust, working diligently with integrity and honesty by delivering what we promise, doing things right, and going the extra mile.


Thermally Broken Aluminum

An aluminum frame with a barrier in between the inside and outside window frames that will prevent the conductive thermal energy loss, which conducts heat, cold and noise a thousand times slower than standard aluminum.

Thermally Broken Steel

We are seeing a resurgence of the classic, upscale tradition of steel framed windows and doors in custom residences, luxury storefronts, and commercial buildings, but with a modern upgrade of an energy efficient thermal “break” between the frames so when hot or cold comes into contact with the steel on the outside, it dissipates at the thermal barrier.


Aluminum that emulates the classic look of steel is often referred to as “Steel Look” or “Simulated Steel”, a material that offers the same sleek, narrow, clean profiles as steel, while allowing clients customize and express their vision at a lower cost.

All Wood

For some, nothing beats the natural beauty and elegance of an all-wood door.

Curtain Wall for commercial or large custom homes

composed mainly of glass panels and metal beams and cut in shop for light commercial or large custom homes.


Commercial doors and windows for a variety of business types.

Zero Sightline Doors

An essential component of any building, the window should open up the view, bringing as much light as possible into the structure. Minimalist doors make this ideal an achievable goal. The goal to the Zero sightline system is to allow the finishes to hide the frame of the doors exposing just the glass panels. The center systems are designed to be very narrow allowing only the best view available!


C Clear Custom has assembled a team of expert installers that are masters of their trade and the highest technicians in the industry. Each team member has been hand-selected for a their meticulous style of work, knowledge and experience. Although our professional team works daily with the most advanced, high-tech, futuristic cranes and machines, surrounded by cutting-edge, modern homes, we work together like a tight-knit family, with the old-fashioned values of standing by our word, working with integrity and honesty, a passion for our craft, and delivering what we promise.

Project Management

Our project managers are seasoned and thorough, bringing years of expertise to your project. They instruct and supervise every aspect of the installation, and guide the team from the initial to completion phase. Project managers work directly with architects, general contractors, and manufacturers to coordinate both the delivery and installation of windows and doors, ensuring mechanical and aesthetic perfection using our stellar C Clear Custom quality control standards and checks, which lead to a promised completion of obligations in delivery, cost and design.

First-Class Quality Control Standards

Quality control is very crucial in project management because it ensures that everything is within the scope of the project planning. To meet the highest of standards, each C Clear Custom project has its own Quality Control Book, and each project is assigned a master installer from start to finish, who oversees the processes and techniques employed by the project team, and also makes sure the product or service meets the strict quality requirements that are specified for the project.

Hamid Haroon, owner of C Clear Custom Installation, is a C17 contractor who works directly with manufacturers. Everything C Clear offers meets Title 24 regulations and is NFRC certified to meet whole-product performance. C Clear is an L.A. based company that travels anywhere in the United States.


Craning, Rigging, Hoisting, Offloading Difficult Glass Lifts

Craning, rigging, hoisting and offloading are art forms that requires years of precision skill, training and knowledge. In the glazing industry, it is where ultra-heavy industrial machinery meets an ultra-fragile and delicate product.

In our role as a one-stop-shop, there is no need for the client to rent machinery or hire outside machine operators. C Clear is one of the few companies that owns its equipment and, as a result, our team of expert technicians are some of the most skilled operators of the most state-of-the-art, cutting-edge craning, hoisting and offloading machinery in the industry, ensuring ambitious, difficult glass lifts result in nothing less than functional and aesthetic, exquisite perfection.

Craning and Hoisting

Operation of overhead cranes and hoists seems simple until one considers the intricate knowledge and skills needed to conduct pre-operational inspections, how to control load swing, how crane component failure can be averted by proper use. Our crane operators are the simply the best in the business, ensuring safety and top-notch installation, with additional experience with hoists, lifts and other relevant equipment.


Setting up safe and secure rigging for a crane lift is of the utmost importance, and possibly more important than the operation of the crane itself. We understand the many rigging issues that affect crane and hoist safety. Our professional riggers are trained in using the various materials used for rigging and slings, and the numerous sling hitches to ensure safety and a perfectly installed product.


When Spiderman is not available, our installers activate their own “Spider Sense” and bring in our futuristic, space-age ‘”Spydercrane Mini-Crawler” to your site, where it gets to work in low access confined areas either indoors or outdoors. Its “spider-like legs” have revolutionized glass installation by offering a flexible and versatile crane that is strong enough to lift up to 6.6 tons, but can be used where a conventional crane will not have access due to its large size.


Established in Denmark in 2008, Smartlift glass handling machines are able to lift both straight and curved windows, glass panes, and other air-tight surfaces with lift capacities up to 1,763 lbs. Smartlift glass handlers perform in confined spaces and fit through standard doorways. This makes them the ideal machine to handle all of your glass projects.

Power Cups

Vacuum Cups are an innovative equipment that is designed for lifting, moving, installing large-size glass by uses using vacuum power to lift, hold, and position to perfection. Our high-level technicians are skilled in this and many more types of high-tech glass installation machinery.

Architectural Brake Metal

Our expertise in the glazing industry is not limited to glass and aluminum. C Clear Custom offers brake metal fabrication and installation. Our team is highly experienced at installing brake metal wrapping to make sure your project stands out even more with our meticulous workmanship. Keeping our discerning clients’ expectations in mind, we offer premium metals to match the other high-quality products in your home or commercial building.

The C Clear team will color matches existing paint or anodized metal, and hand-craft and bend each piece, molding windows and doors to create one beautiful, seamless look, where your guests won’t be able to differentiate the wall from the door, making it look like one gorgeous system.

C Clear is truly a One-Stop-Shop

As a rare One-Stop-Shop in the industry, our clients are taken care with white glove service from A to Z. We install it, fasten it, secure it to the house, ensure expansion & contraction joints are in place, and much more, providing customers with luxury and convenience, so they only have one number to call for all their window and door needs.

Sill Pans

C Clear is proud to offer expert sill pan installation that is soldered into the field with precision, ensuring the entire process is completed with a blue-chip quality product and the mastery and speed of a team of seasoned experts — all done by one company, under one contract, our one-stop-shop.


Copper is a gorgeous choice that is considered by many to be the gold standard. As the superstar of sheet metal, the primary advantage of copper is that it is more flexible than stainless steel, while still extremely durable and resistant to corrosion. Copper is often used in historic restoration to match existing materials and on new buildings designed to blend in with older surroundings or custom home designs.

Stainless Steel

A favorite of architects, stainless steel is attractive, modern, highly durable and is extremely resistant to corrosion, with a similar cost to copper. It is the best choice for ocean homes as saltwater spray is very hard on steel.

Galvanized Metal

A good way to meet budgets on projects, but note that galvanized metal will have to be coated with a paper, and it is not recommended for harsher climates. Galvanic coating will eventually wear away exposing the underlying steel to corrosion, so this product’s lifespan is shorter than Copper and Stainless Steel.


As specialists in the installation of exclusive, recessed windows and doors for custom homes and light commercial work, C Clear Custom guarantees that using our superior installation team, coupled with ultra-premium product lines, your project will achieve the best weatherization performance available on the market.

R-Guard Air and Water barrier

Prosoco is the crème de la crème of flashing products, a high-performance coating to make your home or building airtight and watertight. FastFlash is a liquid flashing membrane available in gun or rollergrade. Use FastFlash in rough openings, to fill joints and seams, to counter-flash waterproofing and air barrier components in new or existing wall assemblies, and to seal around penetrations. Use FastFlash independently or with compatible R-Guard products to prevent the unwanted movement of water and air through building envelopes.

RainBuster 440

Made in the USA and trusted by the nation’s most prestigious builders and installers since 1983, C Clear is proud to offer installation with RainBuster 440 Window Flashing Tape, which is the Bentley of their product line. The RainBuster Leak-Free Window Installation System incorporates RainBuster’s high performance, formulated with an advanced polymer technology, using industry-proven installation procedures designed for virtually any type of wall configuration, and is backed by an industry-leading 30-year parts & labor warranty to provide customers with the comfort of ultimate leak-free protection.

DuPont™ Tyvek®

C Clear firmly believes the DuPont™ Tyvek® system is simply a top of the line product. As a DuPont™ Tyvek® certified installer, C Clear is an expert on the full Tyvek® product line, ensuring the work is done right the first time.

  • DuPont™ Flashing offers the right protection for every type of custom window and door detail. Whether it’s a recessed opening or a unique custom shape, the superior protection from the butyl adhesive will perform through extreme temperatures to protect a home’s vulnerable points.
  • The quality and reassurance that comes with using DuPont™ Tyvek® products is why builders turn to DuPont.
  • DuPont™ Tyvek® surrounds a home and DuPont™ Flashing for windows provides that extra touch to help effectively seal your home to create a durable and energy efficient wall.
  • C Clear highly regards the DuPont™ StraightFlash™ VF (Versatile Flange), an innovative, dual-sided butyl, self-adhered window and door flashing that is precisely designed to help keep wind-driven rain from entering around non-flanged and brick mold windows and doors that keeps water out of wall systems and away from insulation to improve both durability and energy efficiency.

Other Services

Glass Replacements

We are highly expert in glass and glass replacement techniques. Not all glass is created equal, so C Clear Custom will identify the particular glass make-up and glass type of the damaged product—even if we have to bring it from another part of the world—uninstall the broken glass, and beautifully reinstall the new piece.

Service Calls

Keeping in line with our One-Stop-Shop promise, clients can call C Clear Custom for a broken door handle, if a window needs to be tuned or adjusted, for hardware replacement, and more.

Care & Maintenance Plan

We also offer a One-Stop-Shop Care & Maintenance Plan that covers service calls and annual servicing to your specialty doors and windows, which ensures that you meet manufacturers’ warranty requirements of annual maintenance on their products.

The purchase of our C Clear Care & Maintenance Plan not only gives you peace of mind and protects your investment, but many manufacturer warranties of fine and high-end window and doors require yearly maintenance or the warranty will be voided. Among other benefits of our Care & Maintenance Plan, we provide a yearly meticulous, white-glove service to windows and doors to make sure lubricants are replenished, we add dry lubricant, adjust wheels, clean tracks and make sure doors and windows are properly protected maintained.

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